The "mysterious new shoes" that everyone is asking about is out of the box! It’s finally on sale! Kanye is stunned when he sees it!

August 29, 2022

Recently, the clover is really open, and all kinds of novel designs are paired one after another.

Among them, a pair of special hole shoes attracted the attention of many players.

This pair of shoes can actually see the shadow of the Yeezy Foam Runner and the Yeezy 700 V3. I am afraid that Kanye will be confused when he sees this design.

Since the first exposure, this pair of shoes has been mysterious and there is not much news.

Today, the editor will take the lead in bringing the physical objects out of the box + walking on the feet to take everyone to find out, and the domestic release news is also available.

This mysterious shoe is currently named adiFOM Q.

Of course, adiFOM represents the foam shell structure, which makes people think of Yeezy Foam Runner.

Compared with the main fresh and comfortable brothers, these shoes emphasize the line and texture.

It not only adopts a more loaded line design, but also adds a striped texture to the surface. Although it is formed by foaming, it has a rich sense of hierarchy.

The biggest difference from other sneakers is the detachable inner boot, as well as the traditional tongue and shoelace design, which further enhances the design and comfort of the shoe body.

How to disassemble and play, the editor will explain in detail in the upper foot part.

The Q in the name of the shoe shows the source of inspiration for this shoe: adidas Quake, born in 2001

The retro running shoe lineage makes it different from other sneakers. The frame structure and oval details are embellished, but it is somewhat similar to the Yeezy 700 series.

Another special feature is the sole, which can be seen from the heel, equipped with a new adiPLUS cushioning system

This set of cushioning is made of soft PU cushioning foam wrapped by a solid EVA shell, so this shoe also has a built-in midsole.

The outsole does not use foam material to create a non-slip texture like other sneakers, but has a traditional non-slip rubber design.

The general circular pattern of the contour map perfectly echoes the upper and ends the design of the entire pair of shoes.

Everyone must be very curious about the effect of these shoes on the feet.

The inner boot and the traditional tongue lace design make it more wrapping and comfortable like traditional casual shoes.

It fits all foot shapes without rubbing your feet, and has the excellent breathability of sneakers.

The built-in design can intuitively experience the comfortable foot feel of the midsole, and the rubber outsole is suitable for long-term road wear.

With the inner boot design, it can basically be worn in other seasons except winter, which is more practical than the hole shoes.

In terms of appearance, it not only has a retro profile that dong shoes do not have, but also has an exaggerated three-dimensional structure that is rare in retro shoes.

Unique new design style, wearing it will definitely make people shine.

As for the disassembly method, first remove the shoelaces that connect the inner and outer uppers. When you pull out the inner boot, you will find that the inner midsole and the inner boot are one.

So in fact, neither the inner layer nor the outer layer can be worn alone. The only advantage is that it can be easily cleaned after disassembly.

Recently, there is finally news of the sale in China. At present, SOULGOODS, Innersect and other stores have all started to sell this weekend.

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