Ye: ‘ I’m angry! I’m going to open a YEEZY store! ‘

September 2, 2022

Ye announced that it will start to open and operate YEEZY stores independently.

It may be that there are too many constraints brought by the brand strategy, or it is just squeezing the huge commercial value of the YEEZY series. Dissatisfaction with adidas and GAP: “Adidas and GAP both stated in their contracts that they would build independent stores for YEEZY, but they didn’t keep their promises. I saved them, but didn’t get what they deserved.”

So Ye announced with great fanfare: “We plan to open the first YEEZY direct-operated store in Atlanta, followed by states in the United States, and finally, globally.” I wonder how adidas and GAP executives felt after seeing this news? Building a store naturally requires land and connections. Ye not only called on netizens to recommend the best real estate in Atlanta for him, but also “hired talents” on the Internet, conducting online interviews with “people who have more than 10 years of retail experience and are ready to change the world”, and currently Ye’s good friends in the United States They have already expressed their willingness to help Ye run stores in various cities. When can I see the YEEZY store? let us wait and see.

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